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Two Types of Nutrients

Its All About The Nutrients

Plants require two types of nutrients for healthy growth -- macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients. Plants use macro-nutrients in large amounts while micro-nutrients are required in trace amounts. Following is a list of Macro and Micro- Nutrients and their functional importance in plant growth: 

Nutrients Types

Macro Nutrients:

Below is a list of effects Marco-Nutrients have on plant growth.

» Carbon - Formation of organic compounds
» Oxygen - Release of energy from sugar
» Hydrogen - Water formation
» Nitrogen - Chlorophyll, amino acids, proteins synthesis
» Phosphorus - Vital for photosynthesis and growth
» Potassium - Enzyme activity, Sugar and starch formation
» Calcium - Cell growth and division, component of cell wall
» Magnesium - Component of chlorophyll, enzyme activation
» Sulfur - Formation of amino acids and proteins


Micro Nutrients:

Below is a list of effects Micro-Nutrients have on plant growth.

» Boron - Vital for reproduction
» Chlorine - Helps root growth
» Copper - Enzyme activation
» Iron - Used in Photosynthesis
» Manganese - Component of chlorophyll, Enzyme activation
» Sodium - Vital for water movement
» Zinc - Component of enzymes and auxins
» Molybdenum - Nitrogen Fixation
» Nickel - Nitrogen Liberation
» Cobalt - Nitrogen Fixation
» Silicon - Cell wall toughness

Keeping Nutrients Simple


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